Yes!! Accessorize do Cosmetics!!

Acessorize Intense Lipgloss

Accessorize Intense Lipgloss

Recently I have started to get into lip glosses. I remember the first lipgloss I tried, now I have to admit it wasn’t very adventurous in colour (as a lipgloss newbie 😉 ). On top of that it felt so sticky and heavy on my lips I decided there and then I wouldn’t bother myself with lipglosses, until a few weeks ago. While shopping in Superdrug I stumbled across the Accessorize makeup range, so as a HUGE makeup lover I swatched a few colours and was instantly impressed by the colour pigmentation; not to mention price.

I have swatches and pictures on my video, Accessorize Intense Lipgloss.

The lipgloesses retail at £3.95, currently Superdrug have discounts on the whole Accessorize range with the Intense Lipglosses retail at £2.95 each.


  • Applies very smoothly, and is extremely moisturing.
  • You get a good 3 hours wear if you’re not eating or drinking.
  • Pigmented colour which are extremely glossy.
  • Have some beautiful coral shades, great for all skin tones or those new to coral lip.


  • Does have a faint floral scent, which doesn’t bother me but I know can be a deal breaker for some.

Overall I would have to class this lipgloss in my top 3 lipgloss list, and definitely recommend giving the Accessorize lipglosss a try, especially now they are currently on offer at Superdrug.


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