Do You Know Your Eye Shape??

 Do You Know How Your Eye Shape Effects How Your Eyeshadows Look??

Have you ever watched one for your favourite beauty guru’s showing a tutorial video on the most amazing eye shadow look, and decided,, “yep I’m going to give that a try” only for it to look absolutely nothing like theirs. What went wrong???  You’ve used the same palette, the same brushes but you can’t quite figure out why yours looks nothing like theirs.

Let me tell you first hand PLEASE BEAUTY JUNKIES DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. I’ve been there and I’m sure if you asked a lot of other makeup fanatics they’ve been there too. You see what I didn’t know when I was stepping into the wonderful world of makeup was the importance of your eye shape. I’ve always heard makeup artist’s briefly discussing it, but never really thought much about it. I just wanted to start making my own eye-shadow designs.

You see eye shadow placement varies depending on the type of eyes you are working with, so knowing your own eye shape (or type) can make or break a look.  Finding this out made such a drastic improvement on my eye-shadow looks I decided to share what I find out with my fellow beauty junkies.

Eye Shapes

The most common eye shapes:

  • Almond (also known as the ’Standard’ or ‘Basic’ eye)
  • Hooded (can vary from being slightly hooded, fully hooded or the opposite end of the scale known as a Monolid which appears to have no eyefold, commonly seen in Asian’s )

Hint: The skin on the eye folds over the eye lid when the eye is open, displaying a hood effect.

  • Deep Set (may appear sunken)

Hint: The lid of the eye is easily seen, but becomes narrow towards the inner corner of the eye. You want to use eyes colours which will brighten the eyes giving the illusion of being brought forward.

  • Prominent (may appear as if they are ‘bulging’)

Hint: You want to use techniques to make the eyes look receded, for example using darker eye shades and smoking out the eyes.

Then within these eye shapes the eyes can be further divided into  Large or Small and Wide-Set or Close-Set. It’s a lot I know but for now we’re only going to focus on the four mentioned initially, phew;)

                                      Almond Eyes

Most eye makeup looks amazing on these guys (aren’t they lucky). They can copy most tutorials and end up with the same end effect, LUCKY BEAUTIES.

This is because if we look at a basic visual eye structure, the lid is fully visible regards if the eyes are open or closed.PLUS, the fold of the eye is directly overlapping the crease of the eye; CREASE = FOLD OF EYE (& and this is what makes or breaks a look, so bare with me).

– want to know more click here.


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