Sleek iDivine 2012 Collection; GLORY (767)

Sleek 2012 CollectionThe New Sleek 2012 Collection is Out

I’m really excited to be doing this review. I was fortunate enough to have picked up the new 2012  Sleek Collection last week, and have tried and tested the whole collection to give you beauties the heads up.

Inspired by London and of cause the 2012 Olympics, this collection contains the standard Sleek 12 Eyeshadow Palette, Blusher and a Lip Pout.

Lets begin this review with the 12 Eyeshadow Palette. Now if you own a Sleek palette or two you may or may not be aware that not all of the Eyeshadow Palettes a designed with names. I personally prefer when my eyeshadows are named, as it makes it easier when doing tutorials to let you beauties know which colours I’ve used to create a look. So I was really pleased to see the eyehadows within this palette were named, and not just any old names. Oh no the guys at Sleek really put thought into this, and named each colour in relation to the famous London Underground lines (which I personally was impressed by).

2012 Palette; GLORY (767)

Sleek 2012 Eyeshadow Palette

Green DISTRICT Line – Shimmery Mid-tone Green
Orange/Red HAMMERSMITH & CITY Line – Soft Red with hints of shimmer
Blue/Purple PICADILLY Line – Dark Shimmery Blue
Yellow CIRCLE Line – Matte Yellow
Blue VICTORIA Line – Light Shimmery Blue
Red CIRCLE Line – Matte Red
Black NORTHERN Line – Dark Shimmery Aqua
PLATFORM – Matte Grey
Grey JUBILEE Line – Shimmery Grey
Brown BAKERLOO Line – Shimmery Mid-Tone Brown
Cream OVERGROUND Line – Shimmery Pale Bronze
TUBE – Shimmery Pale Gold

Sleek 2012 Collection Swatches

Top Image: (Left to Right) Tube, Overground, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Platform and Northern.

Bottom Image: (Left to Right) Central, Victoria, Circle, Picadilly, Hammersmith and City and District.

Sleek 2012 Collection Swatches

This palette has a good mix of colours with the top layer perfect for day to day looks, and the bottom layer with brighter colours which are great for stepping up your look. This palette would be ideal for beauties new to working with brighter colours, as it has a mixture of colours to tone up or tone down any look. As always the colours are extremely pigmented requiring just a small amount of product for a vibrant colour pay-off. I’ve not experienced any problems with the staying power of the Sleek Eyeshadows and this is no exception. Overall this is a very beautifully designed palette, one definitely to add to your collection.

Retail – £7.99

2012 Blush; HONOUR (769)

Sleek 2012 Collection Blush

This is a beautiful pigmented shimmery bronze blush, with a tiny hint of golden sparkles which would be perfect for all skin tones; especially for achieving a healthy summer or autumn glow to the cheeks.

Retail – 7.2g/0.25oz £4.29    

Sleek 2012 Collection Blush

2012 Lip Pout; PRIDE (768)

Sleek 2012 Lip Pout Collection

This is a beautiful bronzy-pink with golden undertones a stunning colour to add a unique juiciness to any lips. What I like so much about the Sleek Pout Polishes is the colour pay off you get, it is exactly what you see in the pot. Like Sleeks other pout polishes, this tinted polish is formulated with SPF15, and contains some great moisturising products such as Almond oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extracts along with Vitamins A, C and E. Just remember to always moisturise your lips first as the main role of a pout polish is to impact a striking colour, before offering any moisturising qualities, so if you want to prolong that luscious look you will want to have made sure you’ve moisturised and exfoliated your lips prior.

Retails – 10g /0.34oz for £4.29

I really do like this collection and would definitely recommend having a look even if it’s just for one of the items within the collection, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The official release date for this collection is the 4th July and for a limited period so don’t spend too much time ummmhing and ahhhing whether to pick up this collection or you may be disappointed.

The Sleek 2012 Collection can be picked up from Superdrug and the Official Sleek website.

Are you tempted by the New Sleek 2012 Collection?


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