Kardashian Clear Cube Makeup Organiser

Makeup Storage Solution

Is you makeup collection gradually growing and growing, expanding to all corners of the universe;))

You know you have a particular product but not sure where it’s living? Or do you feel your collection just needs a little bit of a spring clean, well that is how I’ve been feeling for the past few months. I began googling on the web and searching you tube for makeup storage ideas, from homemade cosmetic storage ideas to muji containers; but I always found them too small or not designed in a manner which I could easily identify and find a specific product. I began to think I would not find anything just right, and that’s when IMakeup Storage Clear Cube came across the Kardashian Acrylic Clear Cube on Amazon (UK).

This storage cube screams sexy and would look amazing with anyone’s makeup collection. With 5 large draws, dividers, an upper compartment with a lid and major selling point for me was the fact it is transparent, making it easy to find any specific product in your collection. Now here’s the knockout blow,, it retails for £117!! Yes I said it £117 (+ £7.95 on top for shipping), this beauty is not cheap. Click me for Product Specifications.

I searched everywhere for similar products within the UK for slightly cheaper, but alas no joy. Actually I tell a fib, I found a similar storage cube called a Glambox. Slightly smaller than the Amazon Acrylic Clear Cube, retailing for £89.99 (+ £4.99) for delivery at Glamboxuk*.  The reviews I read for the Glambox were positive with regards to the product itself. However, what stopped me purchasing this particular storage unit was the delivery information and reviews. Some deliveries ranged from two up to five weeks, and I’m not good with long deliveries for any cosmetic products;). One customer had to send hers back 2x as the first two were damaged, but in their defence she did mention their customer service was fantastic and the company dealt with her situation very quickly and efficiently, so thumbs up for that. If I’m honest I just stuck with who I knew, because whether your spending £117 or £89 I felt more at ease going through Amazon, as I knew delivery would be within a week and  have been fortunate enough to not have experienced any problems with Amazon (UK).

Product Review

So fellow beauty junkies I placed my order Saturday afternoon and it arrived Thursday morning, how quick was that absolutely fantastic. I took a few pictures before I filled it up. The Clear Box is very sturdy and looks very sleek and modern. You get 5 spacious draws with 2 cross dividers and 2 grid dividers, which are both removable. It’s a good size unit big enough to hold a large collection, but not too big to look over-powering in a room.

My Makeup Storaage

After I arranged all my cosmetics, I was really happy with the finished results. A majority of all my makeup was able to fit inside. My makeup now looks much more organised and I find it a lot easier to find specific products.

My Makeup Storaage

I think I made the right choice with going with this Clear Box instead of the Glambox (which is slightly smaller), because I have an ever-expanding Makeup collection and really glad I have room for more goodies.

£117 is a lot of money to spend on a storage unit and I completely understand this is not an impulse buy product, but I would definitely recommend giving it some thought. Remember it is a long-term investment and great for those of you beauties short on space for your makeup, maybe sneak it into your wish list but it’s definitely worth considering.

Has anyone got any great Makeup storage ideas?

*2014 update – unfortunately Glambox appear to have gone out of business as their site is no longer up.  As this post still receives regular views I’ve updated it to remove their link. However, the Kardashian Clear Cube on Amazon is currently reduced to £109 with free P&P, enjoy.

Check out my new and updated blog site with updated posts at Allurin’ Beauty for more posts like these. Many thanks, xx


2 responses to “Kardashian Clear Cube Makeup Organiser

  1. Hi, I just read your article on the kardashian clear cube organiser. I really want to buy one but could not find any for £107 on amazon. I’m in the uk and wonder if you could direct me to the best buy please. Thanks xx

    • Hiya
      Amazon have re-listed the Kardashian Clear Cube, as the price has now gone up to £124.99 with free P&P. If you type Kardashian Clear Cube into the search bar in Amazon, the new re-listed version will come up. It still is the same one which I purchased, I guess it’s very popular so the suppliers have increased the price (Enpee). Unless you want it urgently it my be worth placing it on your wish list as prices do drop often on Amazon for a one off day to entice buyers, lol. This is currently the cheapest I could find in the UK at the moment. I hope this was helpful.x

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