Encapsulating Beauty and Fashion in Photography

Happy Weekend all my fellow Beauty Junkies. So today I wanted to come to you with something slightly different but still surrounding beauty and fashion. I want to share with you and draw you into the amazing world of Beauty, Fashion and Glamour Photography (Glamour Photography usually involves fantasy – creating a character and capturing a sensual specific emotion without showing any nudity). Encapsulating striking images of Beauty, Fashion and Glamour within a single Photograph is an Art in itself, which I’m so in LOVE with right now.

For me a single shot can draw up so much emotion and as the age old saying goes “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”, so a single ionic photograph can be interpreted in so many different ways depending on the individual viewing the image. The ability of the Photographer to connect with the model and the scene, mixed with their knowledge of lighting techniques and passion for what they do, can produce images with such emotion which can captivate and en-trance any viewer. Theses photographs have a huge influence for all us beauty junkies as they have the ability to move us, intrigue us, provide us with inspiration and sometimes leave us speechless.

So this month I’ve been in awe of a Digital Artist by the name of Sand_Creation (see image below), some may argue she is not a true photographer. However her ability to use Photographs and add her own mark and essences makes her work truly mesmerising and amazing. She manages to combine Art, Beauty and Fantasy so beautifully; I just had to make her my MONTHLY TAG.

I would love you guys to check out some of her work and let me know what you beauties think, and if anyone has some amazing Beauty shots or links you would like to get out there, please feel free to leave them below. Until next time my lovelies stay beauty obsessed.

Much Love, xx


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