Maybelline 24Hrs Color Tattoo Eyeshadows

Let Your Eyes Tell The Story

Hey lovelies I’ve had my eye on the Maybelline 24Hrs Color Tattoo’s for a while and decided to give them a go. These Cream Gel Eyeshadows claim to be budge-proof lasting for up to 24Hrs whilst providing high pigmentation.

There are currently 7 colours available in the UK, and 3 extra colours in the US. Another point I wanted to mention is the names of these eyeshadows do vary across the pond, but from what I have seen from other swatches the colours are still the same. So I picked up 4 of the 7 available in the UK:

(40) Permanent Taupe [Matte Mauve with tints of Grey]

(35) On and On Bronze [Bronze with a Metallic finish]

(20) Turquoise Forever [Shimmery Teal]

(15) Endless Purple [Shimmery Violet-Purple]

I’ve never worn my makeup for 24hrs straight, for me an average day at work is around 10hrs and these beauties held up great all day. They go on very creamy and are extremely easy to blend and in less than no time they set and DO NOT BUDGE, (seriously,, these eyeshadows really stayed put, even the swatches on my hands held their ground even after constant washing). This can be a good or bad thing depending on whether you’ve made a mistake doing a certain look, or just want to remove them because these little beauties really do stay put. I would definitely compare these guys to the Mac Paint Pots I own (same size). Their consistency is almost identical, so is their staying power, my only disappointment is I wish Maybelline would produce more colours especially some matte shades as at £4.99 a pot this is a fantastic Beauty find at a great price.

Boots was the only place where I found all 7 colours, with Permanent Taupe being sooo difficult to find, which is one of my fav’s and I’m guessing everybody else’s 😉 So if you’re looking for long-lasting Cream Eyeshadows or Eyeshadow bases, I would differently recommend giving these a go, Permanent Taupe is a great Neutral shade to have in your collection if you only want to try one and will look fantastic on all skintones (just in case the blue and violet are little too bright for some)

Currently available from Boots and Superdrug at £4.99.

OFFERS3 for 2 online at Boots and in-store at Superdrug) Happy Shopping my lovelies.


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