Sleek Blush by 3

Why Settle For 1 Blush When You Can Have 3?

Hey all I wanted to bring to you a Blush I ‘m loving immensely right now and on top of that you can also find it in your local drugstore. The Sleek Blush by 3 is available in 5 different shades with each blush palette containing 3 HIGHLY PIGMENTED shades, ranging from matte[M] to shimmer[S]. In a ‘sleek’, lightweight and hand size black palette, which is great for storage or travelling PLUS it comes with a huge mirror (yes, you can actually see your entire face in this mirror 😉 ) The 3 shades within all the palettes complement each other, so can be used individually, mixed or layered (specifically with the shimmers). I currently own two of the 5 palettes:

(366) Pink Sprint (contains 3 matte shades Pink Parfait, Pink Ice, Pinktini)

From Left to Right:

  • Pink Parafait – Matte Deep Pink-Berry,
  • Pink Ice – Matte Neon Pink,
  • Pinktini – Mid tone Pink-Plum

(363) Pumpkin (Lantern[S], Squash[M], P Pie[M])

From Left to Right:

  • Lantern – Red/Orange with Gold Shimmer,
  • Squash – Warm tone Bright Pink,
  • P Pies – Matte Orange

The pigmentation of each of the blush colours is extremely vibrant, so you really don’t need a lot on your brush. The texture of the blush is not at all chalky compared to many matte blushes, but extremely smooth and soft to the touch. I’m absolutely in love with the intensity of the pigmentations. The blushes look breath-taking when you first see them and truly do not disappoint. The range of colours is very impressive and I’m in no doubt you will find a complementary blush which will work beautifully with any day or evening look on a variety of different skintones.

These amazing palettes can be found at Superdrug stores or Sleek online for £10, for your money you’re getting 3 beautiful highly pigmented blushes and as you don’t require a lot of product it is definitely a star find. xx

Has anyone tried any of the other shades?


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