It’s Halloween Time!

Happy Halloween my beauties, now I’ve been a naughty little beauty junkie and have been M.I.A for a while, firstly my apologies. I’ve had such a hectic month and needed some well-deserved R&R. Sometimes things can rush at you full speed, but I’ve learnt from some of my close friends and through my own personal experiences you’ve got to dust yourself off and get back in the game – YOU JUST HAVE TO STAY POSITIVE (easier said than done, I know but sooo true).

So in the spirit of the Halloween season I decided to let my imagination take a bit of a stroll, and came up with this look using basic household items and my everyday makeup kit.

I’ve always enjoyed Halloween, it’s such a great opportunity to let your inner child out and embrace the magic of MAKEUP & SPECIAL EFFECTS. So whatever you guys are doing this Halloween, have fun and try something outside the box, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Until next time beauty lovers stay strong and makeup obsessed, and feel free to link your own Halloween inspirations in the comments box below. xx


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