Can a Vintage Cosmetic Make a Comeback

Hello my fellow beauty lovers, I’ve been a naughty little rabbit and have been M.I.A for far too long. Work has been extremely hectic taking up most of my spare time. No excuses I know, I know but I’m back with a fresh zest in my step. And the biggest news from me this year is I’m GETTING MARRIED . I’m super excited, I’ve loads to plan and will keep you guys updated.

So with regards to this post I’ve always had a love for Vintage and Retro Makeup and Fashion, and came across a face powder from the 60`s/70`s called Corn Silk recommended to me by a work colleague. When it comes to face powders I never seem to find one able to prevent my face turning into one giant oil slick by the end of the day (without breaking the bank that is). Corn Silk powder has been around for decades, being used by numerous MUA on runway models to keep their makeup in-place and shine-free for the whole show.

First Impressions – Encased in a plastic stiffer with a vintage style powder puff, I adore the look as it has retro feel to the which is fitting for a product with its history.

Corn Silk is available in a translucent loose or pressed powder format, made with a natural walnut formula. You can opt for a silk Matte finish or a silk Satin finish. Claiming to photo(45)balance skin-tone without clogging your pores; whilst locking your makeup in place all day while providing a silk finish. As I have oily combination skin I purchased the Loose Translucent Powder in a Silk Matte finish to find out if this classic powder, could keep my foundation looking fresh and shine free all day. The powder is a pale tan colour, so for individuals with a deeper skin tone I would recommend a light touch. The unique selling point of this powder is the option to also use it as a base underneath your makeup. As all my foundatiophoto(46)ns are liquid I felt a little dubious about using the powder underneath, as this application method may become uneven. I do believe that application method would be better suited with a powder foundation than a liquid. So instead I’ve been using this powder to set my liquid foundation as the second suggested application method.

Ease of Application – The powder, though not the most finely milled translucent powder in my collection, applied very smoothly and did not give my face a cakey look.

Appearance – Straight away I noticed how smooth and flawless my foundation looked; I even had a few comments at work with regards to how clear my complexion looked. After a 10 hour shift, my foundation looked just as good as it looked when I applied it this morning. With only a tiny amount of shine on my nose, which I expected and I have not yet come across a powder to completely keep my nose shine-free.

Value for Money – This powder screams value for money, setting you back only £8.16 for 12g of product at Boots (or around £6 – £7 from amazon). This powder is definitely value for money and provides a great long-lasting silky finish to foundation. My only gripe is it has a slight fragrance of what I can only call that vintage cosmetic scent which is not overpowering or unpleasant.

Overall – I really liked the final finish this powder produces, and I have to say it is worth trying out especially if you want a product to aid in the control of an oily foundation melt-down. My skin also has moments when it becomes very sensitive, so I’m very careful with what I use on my face, and I’m glad to say this powder did not cause me any problems or breakouts. I must also mention it does contain Walnut powder, so do keep that in mind if you have a peanut allergy.

Have you tried any vintage beauty products worth a comeback?


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