Eye Shape Tutorial

The placement of your EyeShadow depends on the shape of your eyes:

 Almond Eyes

Most eye makeup looks amazing on these guys (aren’t they lucky). They can copy most tutorials and end up with the same end effect, LUCKY BEAUTIES.

This is because if we look at a basic visual eye structure, the lid is fully visible regards if the eyes are open or closed. PLUS, the fold of the eye is directly overlapping the crease of the eye; CREASE = FOLD OF EYE (& and this is what makes or breaks a look, so bare with me).

Hooded Eyes

Remember what I mentioned about the visible structure of the eye. Depending on how hooded the eye is;

  1. the lid of the eyes will be either be partially or fully cover when the eyes are open.
  2. On top of this the fold of the eye tends to sit just underneath the crease; CREASE ≠ FOLD OF EYE.

You see when I was beginning makeup I would watch tutorial over tutorial with beauties with a ‘Standard/Almond Eye’ Shape not realising I myself have a slight Hooded Eye. In their video’s they would advise to place a certain colour within my crease, which I naturally placed within my fold thinking that was my crease as I was copying everyone else.

Little did I realise with Hooded Eye Beauties the eye fold and crease do not overlap. Instead the crease tends to be located slightly higher than the eye fold, so my crease colour should have been placed just above the fold of my eye.


  1. Matte colours are your Best Friend for Hooded Eye Beauties, be very careful with shimmery colours as these tend to emphasis your hood. This does not mean you can’t wear shimmery colours, you just want to make sure you use them mainly in the eye-duct and brow bone-area, or on the lower section of the lid.
  2. Keep your eyeliner thin. Making your eyeliner too thick will just cover up the eye lid along with your hood, masking all the effort you put into the eyelid colour.

I never understood way I could never achieve those amazing looks. Well beauties this is why, just think about it if you’re placing colour within the fold of your eyes and it does not go over your crease (where the eyes sink in the most), when you open your eyes the crease colour simply disappears.

Deep Set and Prominent Eyes

These two are complete opposites of each other. The key aspect to remember with these eye shapes is, DARKER COLOURS give depth (e.g. contouring), so are best for Prominent Eyes. While LIGHTER COLOURS bring out (e.g. highlighting), best for Deep Set Eyes.

What you want to try and avoid if you have Deep Set Eyes is applying darker colours onto the lids, you want to stay more with lighter shades, and try various tones of dark colours within the crease and see what works for you.

Then with Prominent Eyes you want to do the complete opposite.

Hope you beauties found this usefuls, have you got any tips or tricks to make your eyeshadow pop?


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