Perfect Lips


Lipstick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Perfect Pout

Hey beauties so I was thinking about how various shades of lipstick can be an instant mood-booster for me. I can be a sexy vixen one moment then change into a coy little rose the next simply be altering my lipstick colour. If you had met me four years ago I would have said I was not a lipstick person at all, I was always drawn to deep vibrant shades but never felt I could pull them off. As I learnt more about lipsticks I started to fall in love with them and now couldn’t image going without a few in my handbag. I want to share with you some of  the tips I’ve learnt along the way for the perfect pout, hope you enjoy.


The right complementary colour lipstick can make you look jaw-dropping, so I’ve listed a few complementary colours with relation to skintone:

  • Olive Skin – Complementary Raisin shades or Light Brown shades, with orange or red undertones will help to brighten the face. If want to use a deeper colour go for reds with a brownish hint e.g. Deep Wine Colour.
  • Fair Skin– Complementary Beige/Browns with undertones of peach or pink can be extremely beautiful. If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, go for colours with undertones of blue or cherry. If you have fair skin and very dark hair you’re more lucky than you realise  because you can use any colour, so experiment till your heart’s content.
    red lips isolated in white
    red lips isolated in white (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Dark Skin – Complementary colours include the Deep Reds, especially with undertones of purple or blue.

These are just a guide to which lipstick colours complement various skintones, if you’re not sure where to start. Once you become more confident and feel like expanding remember there’s no limit to what colour you can wear, BUT there are tricks to pulling off certain colours which may not be as easy to work with depending on their colour, texture or formulation. For example mixing and layering 2 different lipstick colours or mixing a lipstick with a gloss, I will explain about these techniques in a later post.

Lip Products

Lipstick come in a whole range of formula’s, the one you pick depends on the look you’re trying to achieve:

Rows of lipstick

  • Glossy – Tend to offer sheer coverage with a lot of shine. These can be worn on their own, with a lip pencil or on top of a matte lipstick to change it’s appearance.
  • Sheer – Offer light coverage with a small amount for shine and are great for the summer if you’re going for a barely “no makeup look”.
  • Creamy – These tend to give an opaque coverage and depending on the brand can offer a tiny amount of shine. These products usually contain added conditioning properties for your lips.
  • Matte – These are usually extremely opaque offering the most colour coverage and longevity, often leaving a stain or flat appearance.

Stepping It Up

The great thing about lipstick is you can boost and alter their appearance simply by adding another lip product, you a create a:

–          Shimmer Look – by layering with a gold gloss.

–          Sheer Look – applying a gloss with liner but no lipstick.

–          Glossy Look – by layering with a clear gloss.

Getting that Perfect Pout.

The most important STEPS in achieving a Beautiful Pout include:

  1. Smooth and exfoliated lips, now if you want you can buy a lip scrub or a great homemade lip scrub is Honey mixed with Brown Sugar and Vasaline, works every time.
  2. Moisturise your lips with a lip balm or any prefered lip moisturiser, and allow to absorb into the lips. This is very important, because if you do not allow time for the moisturiser to be absorbed, the lipstick will not adhere properly onto your lips.
  3.  To prevent the lipstick from bleeding (seeping outside your lip line) you want to apply a lip liner. The lip liner can either be the same colour as your lipstick or a shade or 2 darker than your chosen lipstick. Liner not only stops bleeding but helps define your lips, allowing you to make them bigger or smaller if you choose. You don’t need to buy a lip pencil for each lipstick you own, just invest in a neutral colour lip liner which is slightly darker than your lipstick (step 3 is optional; just depends on the look you’re trying to achieve).
  4. When applying your lipstick you want to APPLY & BLOT, APPLY & BLOT, this technique will give you a longer lasting finish instead of applying 2-3 layers then blotting.

Useful Tips:

  • If you’re afraid of bright colours but really want to give them a go, try various colours of sheer glosses, which will gradually allow you to get used to seeing yourself with different vibrant colours. Coloured Lip Butters are great for anyone new to lipstick, as they’re moisturising and impart colour to the lips (colour doesn’t last as long as a lipstick).
  • Using foundation around the edges of your lips can help prevent bleeding and produce highly defined lips.

Okay so those are a few of my tips for achieving that awesome pout, and hopefully it has given you a little nudge to have fun with your lipsticks, try something different and experiment with various lip colours. And if you have some of your own hints and tricks, please feel to leave them below. xx


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