Facial Serums

Should You Use a Facial Serum???

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Every time I open a beauty magazine, or I’m out and about looking for my dream facial moisturiser. I am constantly seeing new facial serums, promising the most amazing results. Even though the rational side of me knows it must be too good to be true, and right now I’m basing my decision to buy this product on how good the adverting is drawing my interest. Somehow an invisible force draws me to have a closer look, before I know it I have now just purchased this tiny container costing more than most people earn in a hour, why???  In order to achieve the claims made by this wonder serum. So what is all the hype about facial serums?

Compared to facial moisturisers facial serums consist of smaller molecules, which allow penetration through the skins upper most layer, depositing nutrients and moisturisers into the deeper layers of the skin. They are many types available on the market which claim to brighten the skin, firm, reduce the appearance of aging and provide deep hydration. So which ones actually do what it says on the tin, and what should we be looking out for??

Best results from a serum can be achieved by applying the serum after toning the skin and before using a moisturiser (if your skin still requires more hydration). However it is not always necessary to use both, as many skincare companies would like you to believe.


Serums containing vitamin C are great for repairing the skin and protecting from environmental damage. Vitamin C is a good antioxidant however, beware not all serums claiming to contain Vitamin C, contain a sufficient concentration to have any benefit to the skin (price is not always an indication of a serum containing a high concentration of Vitamin C), so do your research.

Matrixyl is another ingredient found in many anti-aging serums, which helps to decrease wrinkles.

Retinol and Peptides are included as they make the look of wrinkles less apparent (Remember – Does Not Get Rid of Wrinkles).


Acne vulgaris

With oily-acne skin serums can be a wonder product, provided the right amount of moisture and hydration is obtained without stimulating breakouts. Again this is dependent on you finding the right serum for your skin.

Additional ingredients to look out for include;

–          Tea Tree,

–          Salicylic Acid (this can be quite harsh if you have sensitive skin),

–          As well as antioxidants and peptides.

24 June 2012


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